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Messy Week in Nursery


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Finding Out About Our World


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More lovely mud !


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Thanks to Siemens


We would like to say a big thank-you to Siemens in Manchester for generously donating £200 towards keeping our mud kitchen running. Mrs Lavelle spent lots of time writing letters to local businesses and Siemens responded with a donation. We only use specially purchased, clean, top soil in our mud kitchen and this will regularly need to be replaced and so this kind donation will help to keep things running.
Many thanks from all the children and teachers !

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Thanks to Tom Reece


We would all like to say thanks to Tom (Miss Reece’s Dad) for building the low level shelving for the mud kitchen.  Tom is a retired builder and he made these in his garage from new timber that he bought using money raised from the Halloween Disco and by recycling the wood from his Grandson’s treehouse.  He also made a ‘cooker’ for the mud kitchen from Miss Reece’s old computer table which she was going to take to the tip ! It’s great that our EYFS children will be able to have fun from recycled materials and we really appreciate all our Barlow Hall families and friends who have helped by donating their time, their money or their unwanted kitchen utensils. Have a look at the slide shows and see what a great time the children have been having !





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More mud kitchen


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Mud Kitchen


Mud Kitchen ! on PhotoPeach

Metal items now needed for our mud kitchen !


A huge thank-you for all the lovely wood and wicker items that you continue to donate for our mud kitchen project. It’s not too late to have a clear out and bring in more. We’re now collecting metal items: colanders, sieves, flour dredgers, potato mashers, pans, cake tins, whisks, scoops and any other items that you think would be safe for the children to use to make mud pies.

Thanks from all the EYFS Nursery & Reception staff !


Mud Kitchen Protective Outerwear


Yasmin anisha

Here we have a Reception and a Nursery child modelling the protective clothing we aim to purchase for the mud kitchen. We are hoping to buy these with any funds we manage to raise ourselves. We plan to team these with some nice wellies.

Thank-you !


Thanks to the Nursery & Reception parents who have already brought in contributions of a pestle & mortar and wooden spoons & utensils for our ‘mud kitchen’. These will be great ! It’s not too late to bring in wooden items for our mud kitchen and we will be sending out more requests over the coming weeks.

Thanks from the EYFS team.20100622-wooden-spoon-primary

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